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Speech therapist Vancouver
Vancouver Speech Language Pathology (Van Speech) provides private speech therapy & language services to children and families in the Vancouver area. 
speech therapy Vancouver

Speech-language pathologists screen, assess, and treat speech, language, communication, and feeding and swallowing problems for all age groups, as well as provide education and advocate for the prevention of these disorders.

At Vancouver Speech Therapy we believe in providing family-oriented Speech Language Pathology services for children and families - working together as a team to help children in the Vancouver area meet their potential. 

speech therapy Vancouver

Vancouver, BC


speech therapy Vancouver

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speech therapy Vancouver



Jessica has been a registered Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) in 2006.  She received her Masters of Science degree in Speech Language Pathology from the University of Alberta, a program known for developing excellent clinical and therapy skills.   


She has been providing speech and language therapy since that time in Alberta and in the Vancouver area. She worked at Alberta Children's Hospital and in private practice in Calgary, and at Sunnyhill Health Centre for Children an BC Children's Hospital in Vancouver before opening Van Speech in February of 2017.  

Jessica loves working with kids and families and takes a very play based an functional approach to services. She strives to provide services that fit into families' and children's lives and to support children in using their communication skills in their daily activities with the people they interact with regularly. Jessica has mentored and trained many other professionals (and SLPs) and extensive specialized training.  She is available for remote work and to travel and provide/support and training to teams across British Columbia. 


When she is not working, Jessica enjoys spending time with her family, participating in sports and outdoor activities, trail and road running, and photography.


Jessica has extensive expertise and additional training in working with infants, toddlers, preschool & school aged kids in the areas of: 

Early communication skills

  • late talking, building blocks for talking and understanding, skills that come before talking, and social communication skills

Speech sounds

  • including trouble pronouncing sounds, accent reduction, sound substitutions, deletions, and  (articulation/phonology), Apraxia of Speech


  • putting words together, vocabulary, sentences, grammar, understanding, , asking and answering questions, following directions

Using pictures and technology to support communication

  • PECS, iPad, TouchChat, LAMP, ProloQuo2Go, tablets and eye gaze

Feeding and swallowing assessment and therapy

  • picky eating, chewing, drinking, coughing while eating/drinking

Children with developmental delays related to:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy

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